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When I first stared training to compete, I was encouraged by my coaches to prep my food for the week all at once.  Sundays became my meal prep day.  For the first several months it took 3-5 hours depending on what was included in my nutrition plan that month.  Over time, I learned tips and tricks to cut that time in half.

First I decided to grill or oven bake my proteins and veggies for the week.  I began using foil packs in the oven and on the grill with everything measured and portioned out.  You can cook a lot of food at once like this and cut down on your cooking time.  I use my crock pot often as well depending on what I’m eating that week.  But I must say, my air fryer has become my favorite. I got mine here and absolutely love it. air fryer oven It has literally cut my cooking time down to under an 45 minutes because you can cook everything at once.

Once my food is cooked, if I don’t use foil packs, I weigh and measure my portions and put them in tupperware  containers.  I label them according to meal number and put them in my refrigerator.  I did have to buy a garage refrigerator just to store my food lol.

Meal prepping this way saves me so much time and money.  I’ve been prepping this way for 10 years now.  All I have to do is pull my containers for the day and off I go.  No more of standing at the refrigerator and pantry taking inventory of what I have to whip up a meal and then to still have to cook it.  I also only purchase the foods on my program so it really cuts down on the nonessentials I used to buy.

   So when people says it’s too expensive to eat healthy, they are wrong.  I can eat 6 meals per day per week for about $50.  This would include 2 large packs of chicken, frozen veggies, sweet potatoes and oats.  Now I do eat pretty much the same thing everyday for a month at a time, and even then it only changes slightly.  I do not expect anybody else to eat this way unless you compete.  It gets boring.  I get it.  But you also have to change your mindset around food.

You are not meant to have an emotional relationship with food, even though most people do.  It’s purely meant to be fuel for your body.  It’s like gasoline for you car.  Once you can change your mindset and look at food in this way, it becomes so much easier to eat healthier.  But this is something that takes time, effort and reminding.

Since I started eating and prepping like this, I will say I no longer over eat and deal with those feelings of being stuffed and almost comatose.  I don’t experience the ups and downs in energy levels around meals from consuming unhealthy foods.  That’s not to say I don’t ever eat unhealthy.  I indulge once in a while and I regret it every time.  My stomach protests the entire time lol.

For those who just do not have much time for meal prepping there are so many meal prep services out there.  Most will custom cook for you based on your macro requirements.  They will even ship it to your house giving you no excuse.

The biggest take home point here is, in order to be successful, you have to plan ahead and always be prepared.  Keep extra food with you for your day if you are going to be away from home for a while.  That way you are not caught off guard and forced to choose something unhealthy.  I highly recommend getting something like meal prep bag this to carry your food with you for the day and keep it cold.  I also purchased this food warmer that can be used in the car or in the office to warm your food as well.Portable Oven 12V Personal Food Warmer,Car Heating Lunch Box,Electric Slow Cooker For Meals Reheating & Raw Food Cooking for Road Trip/Office Work/Picnic/Camping/Family gathering(12V) (Black)

It does take time to adjust but I promise you will grow to love it.  Stick with it for about 4 weeks and see how much time and money you save and how much better you will feel.  Just a side note, I usually cook 7 days worth of food and have never had an issue with spoiling.  But if you are concerned about that then you can also freeze part of it.  Whatever works best for you.  Try it out a few different ways.

I now meal prep for me and my daughter.  She is finding it much easier to stick to a healthier diet.  And it really doesn’t take me any more time to prep it.