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Keto diet Grocery List

*High fat meat (over 20 g of fat /100g): pork, beef, pork-beef
mince, bacon
*Cheese (cheddar usually has the best fat content) with more fat
than protein
*Sausage, salami, chorizo 
*Sour cream, mayonnaise, aioli (minimum amount of carbohydrates and protein)
*Heavy and double cream
*Fatty nuts, such as pecan, walnut, almonds
*Fibers and carbohydrates come mostly from cauliflower,
broccoli, and spinach, but also other vegetables, Everything green!
*Coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil + other good plant fats
*Almond powder for baking
*Pickles: low in carbohydrates, contains salt and fluid
*Fatty ham: for example smoked pork flank
*Cocoa (without added sugar)
*Salmon, mackerel and other fatty fish
*Everything else with as big of a portion of fat and as little of a portion of protein and carbohydrates as possible.

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