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Agility = playing with speed and quick direction changes.

Get ready to think & train like an athlete.   Get ready to burn massive calories!!  You can track your progress with The Fit Track Smart Scale and Atria Watch linked to your phone.  It provides 17 metrics that you can track!

All you need is a little space and probably a mat that you can get here  and maybe even just a medicine ball.

Workout Summary:

NOTE:  Be sure to start with a warm-up, and end with a cool-down stretch. 


Circuit these 6 moves 3 times through.

  1. Quick feet
  2. 180 squat jacks
  3. Beast to kick through
  4. Jump over & hurdle
  5. 3-way mountain climber
  6. Side reach & jump



  • Set ONE = 60 secs work: 60 secs rest
  • Set TWO = 40 secs work: 20 secs rest
  • Set THREE = 30 secs work: 15 secs rest


Supporting Videos:

Follow along with the full workout video here:

Watch the summary video for this workout:


Watch the HOW-TO videos for each move:                             



More details on HOW-TO’s for each of the moves …




Quick Feet

Watch the How-To video for Quick Feet –


Just like as it sounds – this is all about QUICK FEET!  Think like a football player … or a boxer!  Think like an athlete light on your feet – and just move.


  • Start with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart – brace your core – bend your knees and get low to really work those legs – stay up on the balls of your feet – and just take small quick steps.


  • Add in some directional changes to UP the agility challenge. Move forward & back … side to side … in & out … and in a circle – both ways!  Have fun with it 🙂

Quick Feet for Agility exercise



180 Squat Jacks

Watch the How-To video for 180 squat jacks:


Squats.  Jacks.  And directional changes!

  • Start with your feet together, standing tall, facing front.
  • Do a ¼ turn to face your left while squatting down. You can either jump or step into this squat (while you turn).
  • Turn back to face front while pulling your legs back in under you. Again – either jumping or stepping.
  • Repeat – doing a ¼ turn to the right, landing deep in another squat – jumping or stepping. Then pulling those legs back in to center facing front again.
  • TIP – When you squat down, reach your fingers to the ground – but do so using your LEGS! Keep your chest lifted, lowering down with your legs.
  • Focus still on your squat form – tracking your toes over your 2nd & 3rd toe – but never past your toes. Chest lifted – butt down!


squat jacks                                                                                                                                                                                                                         squat jacks
Squat Jacks agility exercise


Beast to Kick Through


Watch the How-To video for this move:


It’s called BEAST cuz you gotta be a BEAST to get through it!


  • To get into Beast – Start on the ground on all fours – with your wrists right under your shoulders, your knees right under your hips, core braced, back flat, eye gaze just ahead of your hands.
  • Curl your toes under and lift your knees about 2 inches off the floor. NOT MORE!  Keep your back flat and hips down.  THIS is beast.
  • Now the move – walk your hands and feet forward for 3, then back for 3 – working hard to keep your back flat, upper body controlled, and knees just hovering the ground.
  • Next turn your body to face the right, lifting your right (top) arm – control back to beast -and open to the left, lifting your left arm.
  • Continue the movement – 3 walks forward, 3 walks back, open to the right, open to the left.
  • INTENSIFICATION – when you open side to side, kick out the bottom leg so it’s parallel to the floor.


Agility exercise

These exercises will also help grow your butt!  For more exercises to grow your butt, go to


Jump Over & Hurdle

Watch the How-To video for this move:


  • Place a towel (or something similar) on the floor in the center. This is your marker.


  • Start on 1 side of your marker. Simply jump over to the other side.


  • As time goes on with this move, imagine your ‘hurdle’ is getting bigger and bigger, so you need to lift your feet and knees higher and higher.


  • Do your best to keep the speed up!

hurdle jumps for agility



3-Way Mountain Climber

Watch the How-To video for this move:


In In … Under Under … Out Out


  • Start in a solid plank position – core braced & hips tucked under, wrists right under the shoulders, eye gaze just ahead of hands.
  • Pull your right knee to your right elbow. Then your left to left.
  • Next is to twist and rotate from the core by pulling your right knee to your left elbow – and then your left knee to your right elbow.
  • Last one is to pull your right knee to your right elbow, on the outside of your body … then left to left.
  • 1 each – right in, left in, right twist under, left twist under, right to the outside, left to the outside.
  • You can go as fast or slow as you’d like – but please focus on staying solid in your plank, keeping the shoulders over the wrists, eye gaze ahead of hands, and hips tucked under.

mountain climber for agility                    mountain climbers



Side Reach & JUMP!

Watch the How-To video for this move:


Another move to channel your inner athlete!


  • Imagine your holding a basketball. Start center, feet together.
  • Step out to right and tap the ‘basketball’ to the ground on the outside of your right foot. Use your LEGS to reach you down to the ground.  (modification is to not go as low)
  • Then pull back up to center – Jump UP reaching your ball to the ceiling.
  • Repeat to the left. Step out and reach your ball on the ground on the outside of your left foot.  Pull back in and jump reaching up in the center.
  • Agility training – speed & quick direction changes. Go for it!

agility exerciseside reach